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Where to get a License:

NOTE:  As courts slowly open back up from the Covid-19 crisis, it is best to phone ahead to learn of new hours or Any restrictions. Websites may not be up to date!

Arizona State Marriage Law:

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Making It Legal In AZ

The Arizona fee for a wedding license is $83.00.  A license from any of the 15 counties' Justice Court Clerk's Offices is legal anywhere in the state of Arizona.  The legal age for marriage is 18, but you may wed at 16 with parental consent (or legal emancipation) as long as the spouse-to-be is not more than three years older.   You are permitted to marry a first cousin if you are both 65 years or older.  There is no blood test or waiting period.  There is no residency requirement.  There must be two witnesses, over the age of 18, to the ceremony.

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Marriage Law Requirements for Arizona Marriage Licenses:

  • Arizona marriage license filing fee is $83.

  • The legal age for marriage in Arizona is 18.

  • To obtain a marriage license in the State of Arizona, an engaged couple must appear in person together at one of the Justice Court offices. (See below: "Where to get a License.")

  • Both parties must be present to obtain a marriage license.

  • Both parties must provide a valid government-issued Photo I.D. (driver's license, passport, military ID)

  • Both parties must provide their Social Security Numbers, if they have one.

  • No blood test or waiting period is required.

  • Marriage License is valid for up to twelve (12) months anywhere in the State of Arizona.

Who Can Perform a Marriage:

  • Arizona Justice of the Peace

  • Ministers recognized by their church as having the authority to perform weddings (Officiants)

  • Arizona judges

  • Arizona magistrates

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